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Our classes are specifically divided into developmental age groups to allow your child to be successful right where they are!

Summer Semester: July 6th - August 31st, 2024

Studio Closed: July 20th

Drop-In Classes Availble in June!


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Infant Rhythms (Newborn-5 months)

“What can you possibly do with a newborn?”

Come to MUSICOLOGY and find out! The brain of a newborn infant begins wiring up from the moment of birth. Babies respond to and reflect the attention of their parents and their environment. Rhythm and steady beat help develop everything from physical coordination to language skills. Each week, MUSICOLOGY’s experienced teacher will lead the parent/caregiver and their infant through creative songs, movement and activities using sensory enhancing props to help develop eye-tracking, language, body awareness, tactile stimulation, sound awareness and balance to name a few. Parents will also gain support, make new friends and share information in a gentle and caring surrounding while babies learn socialization as well.


Baby Beats (6 months–14 months)

Babies are little sponges for learning!

They are a captive audience fascinated by each new sight, sound and movement. Your baby will have that important one-on-one time with you while they experience a social setting with other babies. MUSICOLOGY will lead you on an enriching musical journey using instruments, sound play, movement, songs and creative props. These fun and engaging musical activities will lay the crucial foundation for Baby’s rhythm, language, motor skills, self-confidence and ability to learn.


Baby Beats 'Walkers' is a stepping stone class for little ones who are starting to take thier first steps but aren't yet ready to join Mini Mozarts. This class is geared for babies who are beginning to practice those first few steps or are walking independently! Activities in this class are specifically designed to help strengthen your baby's balance and walking skills, while supporting their newfound need to move and explore from the perspective of a “walker”.


Mini Mozarts (15 months - 27 months)

These toddlers are ready to rock and roll!

They are learning to communicate through language, song and movement. With MUSICOLOGY we’ll explore simple rhythm patterns as we shake, tap and move to music. While we enjoy music styles and beats from all over the globe, the children will explore a variety of instruments, creative props and musical games while developing language, physical coordination and social skills.

This high-energy class will give your active toddler a way to express themselves musically as well as make those connections important for brain development.


Beethovens (28 months – 3 1/2 years old)

These kids are ready to express themselves creatively and use their imaginations!

They are singing, moving creatively and engaging in imaginative play. MUSICOLOGY will challenge your child with more complex rhythms, cooperative group movement and creative prop play. Books are used in a fun and creative way to showcase the rhythm of language and reading. Children will have the opportunity to express their individuality through instrument and singing solos.

Whether your child is more introverted or ready to jump into the spotlight, MUSICOLOGY has a niche for each individual style of learning.