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Specially designed for newborns through 4 years old

In a fun and engaging atmosphere, children at Musicology will explore musical instruments, creative movements, dancing, singing and exciting multi-sensory activities. They will be exposed to a wide variety of beats and rhythms spanning different eras, genres, and various parts of the world.

Musicology is specifically designed with your child's development in mind and thus, classes are divided into specific developmental age groups which promote language, rhythm, motor skills, self-esteem, creativity, joy, and so much more!

Musicology is thrilled to be sharing the gift of music in Charlottesville, Virginia and surrounding areas!


Music Lights Up the Entire Brain!

When a baby is first born their brain is only 25% wired for how they will learn. This jumps to 75% wired by age 1, and 90% wired by age 3. Research shows that exposure to specific types of musical activities wires the brain for language, reading, math, and motor skills while nurturing emotional and social development.

Musicology is proud to offer music classes for children as young as two weeks old through four years old! It's never to early to start investing in your little one's development.

Our Classes


Infant Rhythms

Newborn – 5 mos.


Baby Beats

6 mos. - 14 mos.


Mini Mozarts

15 mos. - 27 mos.



28 mos. - 4 years

Read What Parents Are Saying

We love how intentional Ms. Megan is about connecting with each individual child. We also love how she is always passionate and excited, even if it's a song or activity she has probably done a million times. The kids really respond to her energy.

-Beethovens Momma: Josy

I loved the way Megan approaches teaching experiences in a playful way. As a new mom I’ve felt this class help reassure me that I’m providing enough support for my infant’s development as well as encouraging more ways to help her grow!

-Infant Rhythms Momma: Helen

Megan is amazing! This class is so fun for our little one and is equally as educational for us! We get to learn fun ways to engage our baby and spend quality time with her. We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Musicology!

-Baby Beats Momma: Vannessa

Kids are given the opportunity to explore and socialize in a super fun atmosphere. Megan also explains the science behind activities and how it helps with my baby's development. We love musicology!

-Mini Mozarts Momma: Sydney

Ms. Megan is the best! I love how she structures the class and helps teach the children about sharing and waiting their turns, all while enjoying different flavors of music and imaginative exercises!

-Baby Beats Momma: Sara